Celebrating achievements since 2012

Our members have built startups together, acquired thousands of customers, raised millions, solved complex problems and have sold ventures during their time at Progress Bar.

Truth be told, Progress Bar is Rotterdam's first co-working space, combine this with our focus on goal setting and achieving and starts to make sense hat we have seen quite the celebrations over time.

Achieve your goals

At Progress Bar coworking we make sure you set and achieve your goals. Our space and its amenities let your productivity flow and our community provides the amber to light your ambitions.

Like minded individuals help you focus on what moves the needle so you can be productive. Your peers also know what's up, what works and what doesn't. We help each other with introductions, advice and execution when we can, and we believe a little peer pressure never hurt nobody.

Practically, we offer you an all inclusive workspace with anything you need at your fingertips, see a sample of what to expect below.


Our All inclusive and Anything you need promises are the prerequisites we provide for our community to flourish. You and the members in our community create the real value, not the amenities or space. But to make it easy for you we make sure you have access to everything you could need to get your work done, and to be of value to each other.

24/7 Access

Whenever you want

Our members get 24/7 access when they subscribe, even with a 1 day per week membership.

Stocked Kitchen

Energy in all different flavours

Our kitchen isn't just stocked, it's got anything you need. If we don't have your taste, let us know and we will order what you fancy.


1Gbit up and down + backup

No worries, you will be connected. With 1Gbit up and down fiber internet, Wifi 6 and a dedicated backup over 5G. So far we have had zero downtime on this setup.


Ergonomically sound

We have several places to sit down and work, from regular to sit stand desks and more. Providing you with an ergonomically safe place to work.

Performance coaching

Get you laser focused

When you want professional support in setting goals and figuring out how to achieve them you can book sessions with our performance coaches.

Water, Coffee & tea

You've got to stay hydrated

We provide several ways to get your fix. From a sparkling water carbonator, three different ways to make coffee/espresso and an instant boiling water tap to get you back to work quicker.

Progress Board

Set goals, make progress

In our space you have the possibility to list and keep track of your goals and to-do's in Kanban fashion. Other members can then see if they can help anyone out. The beauty of this board is that it often has professional and personal goals, so you also get to know each other better.

Office Supplies

Anything you need

We have what you need or we will get it. Pens, pencils, staplers, an amazing printer that works and a laminator. Especially the things that you think you do not need in 2023, but end up needing anyway.


Securily stored

You can register our address at the Chambers of Commerce and KvK and receive your mail and packages at Progress Bar, which is a cool name in itself but makes even more sense when you realise we are located in the Wijnhaven on the Bierstraat. Did you know you can schedule meetings in the Whisky and Champagne rooms? Or the slimmest phone booth Martini?


Have your guests over

If you provide value, you probably have meetings. Our meeting rooms Whisky and Champagne offer you space for up to 4 guests each. The rooms are setup in a relaxed and active design. They are free to use and book (if you want to).


By Mutelabs

Since Covid most of us are working remote or with others who are, jumping on a lot more calls. Since then we acquired phone booths, so you can do a call in comfort.



We have lockers so you can store your valuables and confidential documents.

Event space

Organise meetups and workshops

Progress Bar initiated out of meetups, so we are always open to host them. We believe in our community to host the most relevant events and we provide space, catering and budget. We also welcome workshops by members.

Experience it yourself

Progress Bar might be a bit of a boutique or even a speakeasy type of coworking space, as you need an appointment and be able to find it to come in.
However, you can roam through our digital twin, or if you want to meet face to face with one of us and touch Progress Bar in real life, you can schedule a tour.

The best coworkingspace in Rotterdam

Don’t take our word for it.

Our members and guests love to be at Progress Bar and achieving their goals together.

  • Mark Norbruis

    Director Digital Marketing - o9 Solutions

    "A hidden treasure in the centre of Rotterdam. The Progress Bar is an amazing co-working space in Rotterdam which is quite unknown by the big audience. I moved here a while ago an loved going to this workplace ever since. The place offers a chill vibe, the people are relaxed and there is enough space for everyone. Besides that I like the quality of the desks, WIFI connection and the chairs. For lunch there is a big stock of all sorts of food which is bought fresh weekly, this is all including the renting fee which is great."

  • Tomer Katzir

    Performance Accont Manager - StreamElements

    "Really special office with family feeling! unlike we-work and more established places, this co-working place is big enough for more people to join but n small enough so you get to talk and know all the people there. The way the spaces are designed makes sure you get to interact with all the people over a morning coffee, lunch or Friday drinks.Coming from outside the Netherlands and working remotely it was a great solution for me, highly recommended!"

  • Suzanne Thee

    Founder Unwindle

    "The Progress Bar is a great co-workingspace that feels like a community for every ambitious founder, freelancer or anyone looking for a place to work with people around them, joint lunches and fun drinks. I always feel at home at this place and there's always someone you can discuss your business plan or ideas with!"

  • Satya van Heummen

    Head of Engineering - Altruistiq

    "Imagine a somewhat secluded co-workspace in the center of Rotterdam, with a roof terrace, stocked with food, drinks, coffee, populated by ambitious, friendly, talented and international people, who are all there to make some progress one way or the other, professionally, as colleagues, as friends and as individuals, where there's both focus and celebration, well that's Progress Bar. In my experience the best place to work in Rotterdam!"

  • Jessica Slaven

    Co-Owner Oktaven Audio

    "Such a welcoming and helpful group of people. Leon went above and beyond to help me get established with keys, printing, and settling in to the space. Going abroad to start a new business is a little (lot) intimidating. The support and camaraderie from everyone at Progress Bar made me feel like I belong here and that there's a good place with smart, friendly people who are interested in building new things."

  • Alica Mayor

    Senior SCM Implementation Manager - Maersk

    "Outstanding co-working space in the heart of Rotterdam. The facilities are really good and the overall vibe is GREAT. They organize get-togethers for people to mingle and get to know each other, which is a wonderful plus. You can also hire their spaces to organize your own events, which is something I have also done for the non-profit I am collaborating with. Overall 5/5 great place and great people. Keep it up!"

  • Christopher van der Haas

    Freelance Sales Agent - Hazemore

    "I'm the kind of guy that flourishes, when I have fun at what I do. For me personally that means good food, good people, thus a good community. At the Progress Bar I get the fix I need. Talking shop, outdoor lunch, indoor brunch, private rooms for long phone calls, customer revival programs and drinks on Friday. Lastly I'd like to add it's customary to pop a bottle of champagne when you meet a personal goal and it's always ready, ice cold waiting to be celebrated."

  • Simone Driessen

    Assistant Professor - Erasmus University

    "Great location, and a great vibe. If you’re an entrepreneur or startup looking to immerse yourself in Rotterdam’s entrepreneurial scene and events, this place offers an excellent location, with a most friendly community."

  • Marina Stavitskaya

    Business Development Manager - FUI Bank

    "Progress Bar - is a charming coworking space. It is not only amazing place to work, but also place to connect with interesting people and gives an opportunity to network as well. From the first minutes of being there you feel friendly atmosphere and positive vibes. Its not something that can be described in mere words. It is something to be experienced in person. Highly recommended ☺️"


Book a day pass to get welcomed by a host and experience Progress Bar for a full day. Or start your membership and get a free trial week in which you get onboarded and receive your keys*. You can pause, cancel, up or downgrade and re-start your membership in your dashboard anytime, so you can experience Progress Bar for a full week without any risk.

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*All prices are excluding VAT. During onboarding for subscriptions a 199,- deposit (no VAT applied) is required for your keys.

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Progress Bar is a Progress Foundation subsidiary, registered as Stichting Progress Foundation with the Chambers of Commerce.

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